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Coaching in schools

Believing that motivated and resourceful teachers are the key

Delivering my coaching practice in schools is one of my main drivers as a coach. I used to be a secondary school teacher myself and I taught in London for years, so I am familiar first-hand with teachers’ challenges.

My work in schools is mostly delivered by holding one-to-one coaching sessions with teachers, middle or senior leaders.  


Coaching can be implemented in different ways as part of a school plan

Staff Wellbeing programmes 
Teaching Improvement plans
Support for beginner teachers
Coaching for excellence. Career development

How Coaching for teachers can help:

– Increasing confidence in your own ability to achieve great outcomes and develop your teacher persona.

– Finding your own strategies to deal with the main stressful factors in the profession (workload, observations, behaviour management).

– Developing your emotional resilience.

– Achieving a greater level of self-awareness and self-management that enables you to cope without sacrificing your well-being.

– Boosting your career by developing an action plan that enables you to shine in your next review.

Making decisions is what make us successful

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